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In the industrialisation and modernisation process, the purchasing of additional machinery as well as the upgrading of equipment for automobile production have become essential for every business working in the automobile industry in order to meet the customer’s demand and  the business’ expansion. Automotive translation has its unique set of requirements. Only one piece of the machine which is mis-translated can also lead to wrong operation, result in serious consequences and might cause huge damage to the business. Only translators who are familiar with such terms can ensure high quality translations. As a company that always embraces the new trends, Expertrans Global offers the specialized automotive translation services for the companies working in automotive industry.       


At Expertrans Global, we provide the automobile translation services, including:

  • Automobile Manual Translation
  • Service Manuals Translation
  • Training Manual Translation
  • Product Packaging Translation
  • Marketing and Promotional Translation
  • Catalog Translation
  • Website Translation

With over 12 years of translation experience in the field of automotive, Expertrans Global is aiming to provide the clients the most professional service. Automotive industry always requires the meticulosity and the accuracy in the translation, therefore, we never stop focusing on managing and improving the quality of our translation system.

In order to recruit the freelancers that meet clients’ requirements, we offer a strict testing process to ensure the quality of each step in the whole translation process. We select the translators that not only have language skills but also have the knowledge about particular fields and have sufficient experience in Automotive translation. With 130 in-house staff and more than 3000 freelancers, we commit to provide the Automotive translation service with highest accuracy in over 50 language pairs.

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