For every business, the networking has become a valuable tool that not only helps the businesses gaining more knowledge or learning from the success of other businesses in the same field, but also increases the opportunities to reach new customers as well as having your business better known in the global market. In the past, the businesses leaned toward the idea of a complete business self-building. They did not hesitate to invest a large amount of money for the business. With the change of economy situation, in over recent years, almost the companies have a tendency of turning the capital into profit-making activities with the aim of optimizing the capital resources. Therefore, the businesses start using outsourcing service from third party in order to implement those activities that are not principal for the business. All the reasons above explain why using outsourcing services has become a trend for the businesses, especially Business to Business (B2B) Connect Outsourcing Service.


Understanding the needs of enterprises in seeking service providers, Expertrans Global takes pride to be one of the leading companies in term of Business to Business Connect Outsourcing Service. With more than 130 full-time staff and over 3000 freelancers worldwide, Expertrans Global is a B2B Connect Outsourcing Service provider that has in-depth expertise as well as experience. We commit to bring the best service to our clients by our ability of concentrating resources in a large scale, low cost but bringing high efficiency.


At Expertrans Global, we provide the B2B Connect Outsourcing Service based on 2 forms:


  • One-stop shop: Expertrans Global can provide our clients all the services related to B2B Connect that they are looking for. For example: seeking the customers, finding and buying the data…etc
  • Forum: Expertrans Global’ Forum will be the bridge for the enterprises to help them establishing the relationship with their partner, sharing as well as learning from other businesses in the same field.


Benefits from using Expertrans Global’ Outsourcing Service:


  • Ensuring accuracy and effectiveness: With more than 12 years of experience, Expertrans Global will meet all the customers’ requirements as quickly and accurately as committed
  • Saving time and money: Expertrans Global will take responsibility to solve all issues related to B2B Connect for the clients. Therefore, our clients can save time for finding information as well as minimizing costs incurred during the working process.
  • Allowing the businesses to focus on their core values: By using Expertrans Global' outsourcing services, we will help our clients in their “non-professional” areas so that our clients just need to focus on their core strategies and on their development process.


At Expertrans Global, we put the customer’s trust as our top priority. Before starting a project, we always spend time to learn about the operation process as well as every aspect of clients’ business to be able to deliver them the best service ever.




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