• ExperTrans Global Company's language interpretation services

    With 10 years of experience in the industry of language solutions, ExperTrans Global Company has become a popular brand name in providing high quality language interpretation services globally.

    Quality assurance

    Initially, ExperTrans Global Company was a local translation and interpretation centre established in 2005. But with a global vision, its Management has made ExperTrans brand name represented internationally in over 10 countries, such as United states of America, France, Germany, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, India and Myanmar. Whenever we are, we always make the clients rest assured with our prestigious quality assurance, which is ISO 9001-2008 and EN 15038-2006. These certification are only awarded for such competent language interpretation services and translation services like ExperTrans.

    thai interpretation service

    Number of languages for interpretation services

    Once knowing our number of languages for interpretation service, you must be surprise because hardly can you find such an interpretation agency for many languages like us. In total, ExperTrans can provide up to 170 language interpretation services:

    • English language interpretation services
    • French language interpretation services
    • English language interpretation services
    • German language interpretation services
    • Indian language interpretation services
    • Spanish language interpretation services
    • Korean language interpretation services
    • Khmer language interpretation services

    Number of industries covered

    Similarly, language interpretation services of ExperTrans are designed to cover a lot of daily industries that you can not figure out. Up to 58 industries and subjects are included in our language interpretation services:

    • Language interpretation services for Economics, Finance and Banking
    • Language interpretation services for IT and technology
    • Language interpretation services for Education and training
    • Language interpretation services for Law and Government affairs
    • Language interpretation services for Tourism
    • Language interpretation services for Constructions and Architecture
    • Language interpretation services for Agriculture

    Reasonable interpretation rate

    Surely, you will be impressed and over excited to have support from such a competent language interpretation services just by a minimum budget. Our interpretation rate is always evaluated to be the most reasonable one in the market. We believe that our high quality of service together with its compromised price will be a better viral marketing strategy than any other expensive ways.




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