What makes up a reputable and professional language service provider, what clients take into account apart from the service price and quality?

    1. Native speakers

    The most professional translators are not just trained in the language they translate into but the translated language should be their native tongue. Alternatively, they should have vast experience living and/or working in a country where that language is the dominant one. If you want to get high-quality language services, turn to a service provider that only assigns jobs to native translators. 
    Native speaker translation is particularly important when the correct reception of the text is of special need of clients. For instance, when launching a developing a product in a new market. It is essential to adapt its brand name, the marketing material and other similar information to the cultural and language features of a specific country. Mistakes in such types of translations and poor adaptations may not only become the standing joke of potential buyers, but also force the marketing strategy fail.


    2. Sustainable partnership

    Reliable LSPs make the benefits of clients their top priority whilst the low-quality ones consider each client just another object that they can make a profit on. Clients’ businesses are on a global journey. Perfect LSPs should be there to guide clients and provide efficient support at every step of the journey. The most crucial difference between a partner and a simple language service provider is that a partner will always look to create localization solutions which work in clients’ world by improving their service experience through devoted teams, optimizing processes and bringing about cost-savings.

    3. Strong leadership

    Halde said: "A leader with vision makes sure that people have a clear understanding of where the company is going and what is expected of them". Only leader great leaders could lead successfull LSPs. They are charismatic individuals who operate their companies with a results-driven approach. With their priority over profit and growth, they have ultimate goals and brilliant strategies to reach them. They know exactly how their team fits into the big picture, and the role they play in boosting the organization grow and thrive. 

    CEO Louis Dinh is leading a seminar at Expertrans

    4. Never fail to meet deadlines

    High-quality LSPs know exactly when clients need translated materials to be completed, from a large set of documents, which ones should be prioritized. Successful language service companies never miss deadlines because they consider satisfying clients’ requirements their utmost mission. Besides, high-quality language service company is opperated in an effiicient manner that greatly contributes to their punctuality. They get organised, so they can find the information and tools they need to do the work quickly and easily. These companies also make sure that they always get clarity about what exactly needs to be done so they could manage to negotiate achievable deadlines.


    5. Good differentiation

    Professional LSPs can manage to develop a differentiation which is highly appreciated and noticed by clients. This may mean having above-average expertise in various specific fields, gaining a reputation as a punctual provider, or a company offering the most efficient 24/7 customer care. Especially focusing on an industry or two and become the most dominant player serving that industry is a really smart way to stand out from competitors. Additionally, you can usually raise your prices dramatically when you specialize in this manner.