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    If you are planning to invest in Vietnam market or looking for business collaboration and outsourcing in this country, first of all, you should have in your hand, a trustable interpreting company in Vietnam. ExperTrans Global Company, a leading translation agency in Vietnam, must be put at the first position in your list.

    Interpreting company in Vietnam

    For your information, ExperTrans Global Company is the first Vietnamese interpreting company who processes the translation and interpretation which is certified ISO 9001-2008 and EN 15038-2006 accreditated by the European Committee for Standardization (CEN), a prestigious acreditation committee is very strong in quality control. These certificates act like a guarantee sign for ExperTrans’ most accurate translation and interpretation quality.  Moreover, with 10 years of experience in translation industry, ExperTrans has opened up its network in over 10 countries. As such, if you come from one of these nations in ASEAN, the USA, France, Germany, India and Japan, it is such a convenience for you to touch base with ExperTrans office in your own country to discuss further on your plan of business before proceeding the actual activities in Vietnam.

    Interpreting company and agency in Vietnam

    In terms of interpreters and translators, we have in-house team of linguists cum experts in every aspect of life and area. In order to become our interpreters or translators, all of them have to go through a series of examination and testing to check out their skills and experience. By this valuable resource, we are an  Vietnamese interpreting company who can offer interpretation and translation into 170 languages of 58 industries.

    Another remarkable strength of ExperTrans Global Company is our ability in providing supporting services in legal consulancy. As the most experienced interpreting company in Vietnam, ExperTrans has involved in many national and international projects that brought us a ton of knowledge and experience in working with Vietnamese authorities, which we believe that it will be a treasure for us when working with foreign clients

    Now, instead of searching for “consecutive interpreting company in Vietnam”,”simultaneous interpreting company in Vietnam” or “whisper interpreting company in Vietnam”, clients only need to type in “ExperTrans Global Company”. All you need are converging in one body, it is ExperTrans Global Company.

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