• Korean financial translation services

    Korean is the official language spoken in both North Korea and South Korea. It is also in use by approximately 80 million people over the world, mainly within the community of China, the United States, Japan and Russia. There is a fact that the more popular a language is used, the more contextual diversification its translation can be, thus, makes translating back and forth in that specific language become more complicated. Especially in such specialized fields as finance do excellent translation services play an important role. This is where you will need the help from a professional translation provider. Expertrans Global is willing to offer you high quality Korean financial translation services.

    Korean financial translation services

    Finance is a competitive field which requires high level of accuracy. Professional financial translation is the key for your business to operate and survive in this multilingual context. This requires a solid knowledge of the field’s terminologies and concept, which is available in Expertrans’s services, allowing us to precisely translate your request in over 100 languages including Korean. Our in-house translators plus a large team of freelancers with strong expertise in finance-banking are capable to successfully deal with several large projects at the same time. We also have a unique and comprehensive translation process which involves 3 key stages:

    1. Identifying customer’s needs: Upon receipt of your enquiry, we will closely work with you to identify your requirements such as work scope, timeline, budget, etc. Afterwards, we will assign translator with the most suitable skills and knowledge to start on your project as soon as possible. This delegated translator is briefed all information regarding your project so that he/she has necessary understanding about what you need in order to handle your request the most effectively.
    1. Implementing under rigorous supervision: besides our specialist translators, Expertrans have a team of editors and a quality control department who are in charge of proofreading the translation document and editing if necessary. We always try our best to guarantee the highest accuracy to our customers.
    1. Final checking and submitting quality work: before submitted to customers, our quality management process will make sure the translation is checked one last time to ensure the final product meets our high standards. The document will also be presented in a proper format so as to be the most convenient for your usage. You can be assured that the quality of Expertrans’s Korean financial translation services is up to your expectations.

    Upon your requirement of timeline, we will have your translation completed within the set time frame. As mentioned above, the qualified translator team of Expertrans is large enough and always ready to quickly finish your work, yet guarantee precision. We have plentiful of experiences in dealing with many huge projects at the same time; hence, timely work delivery is a certainty. At Expertrans, meeting deadline is a must since we understand the possible tremendous loss for our valued customers as a consequence of lateness. Thanks to our credibility, Expertrans is proud to be the first option for thousands of clients around the world including VNR500 and FORTUNE 1000 enterprises.

    Korean financial translation services

    Ultimate security is another advantage we can offer to clients. Due to the current intense competitiveness, enterprises prioritise their intellectual properties’ safety more than ever, or have their business failed otherwise. Our management and employees are fully aware of the responsibility in protecting your assets. Expertrans always try to stay up-to-date with the latest technologies to provide ultimate confidentiality for our customers’ identity as well as documents.

    To conclude, although there are several agencies offering Korean financial translation services, let Expertrans bring you the top class quality. Give us your enquiry and you will surely receive absolute satisfaction in return. Contact us now via email or visit our website at for more information.