• Korean interpreter in Singapore

    ExperTrans Global Company is one of the most trust-able translation and interpretation agencies who can provide the best qualified Korean interpreter in Singapore

    Why is our Korean interpreter in Singapore the best?

    Our team of Korean interpreter and translators has up to 450 people. They are all outstanding interpreters and translators who can perform the Korean translation and interpretation with the most professional attitude and the most precise quality

    Tactful skills

    English of Singaporean, it is what makes us outstanding from a pool of translation agencies outside. The language of Singaporean is actually a mix of English, Chinese and Malay. Understanding this, not only our Korean interpreters but also other interpreters based in Singapore are very flexible in using these languages and quickly adaptable to actual situations. They are able to explain and interprete the ideas from Korean into Singaporean language, i.e. English, Chinese and Malay and vice verses but still fluently

    Customized services:

    Basically, our Korean interpreter in Singapore can perform these types of interpretation as follows:

    • Consecutive interpretation
    • Simultaneous interpretation
    • Whispered interpretation
    • Relay interpretation
    • Liaison interpretation

    Other than that, clients can request for interpretation service by their own’s design and expectation. All you need to do is giving us your demand and budget, ExperTrans’s customer service and consultant will give you the best solutions and detailed answers

    ISO certification:

    Becoming the best choice of VNR 500 and Fortune 500, ExperTrans always makes our clients happy with our service quality. We are one of the minor agencies who are certified with ISO 9001-2008 and EN 15038-2006, which helps you to rest assure with our wonderful service. As such, no Singaporean client can be upset with our performance

    ExperTrans Global Company, where you can find the top-notch Korean interpreter in Singapore!



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