• Legal consultancy

    One of the growing trends in the legal profession is the outsourcing of legal services. Legal outsourcing service refers to the practice of a law firm or corporation obtaining legal support services from an outside law firm or legal support services company.


    With more than 12 years of experience, Expertrans Global is proud to be one of the leading companies providing outsourcing service in the legal field. We partner with you in order to help you focus on your core competencies & development of competitive edge, while taking care of everything else. Expertrans Global has a network of more than 130 in-house staffs and over 3000 freelancers so we commit to providing you the best legal outsourcing service ever.


    At Expertrans Global, our legal outsourcing services include:


    1.    Consultancy for Outward Investment:

    • Company Establishment

    • Law Regulation Consultancy



    2.    Consultancy for Investment in Vietnam:

    • Application for investment license, FDI company establishment, changing or terminating the project.

    • Applycation for foreigner’s work permit.

    • Copyright Registration, Trademark Protection in Vietnam.

    • Application for license and other supportive licenses such as Fire Protection, Cosmetic Publication, Food Publication, Advertising license and Quality Standard Publication.



    3.    Consultancy for Contract:

    • Drafting contract.

    • Reviewing contract.

    • Being the authorized representatives to take part in the negotiations of signing, changing and supplementing the contract.

    • Monitoring the implementation of the contract after signing in order to ensure the customers’ benefits; Urging customers to implement their rights and comply with contract obligations to avoid damages that may arise.

    • Being customer’s representative to work with their partner to solve the problems, dispute rights and obligations under the contract, terminate the contract.

    • Solving disputes: Contractual dispute, labor dispute, internal dispute.


                                       Legal consultancy

    By using our outsourcing service, you can save your time as well as your cost. Expertrans Global ensures the highest standard of the service for our clients.


    Contact Expertrans Global immediately and experience the most professional legal outsourcing services.