• The return of World-class Strategy Consultant, Peter Tersteeg, to Expertrans

    On October 16th, 2013, Mr. Peter Tersteeg has made his return to check the progress of Expertrans Global as having his business strategies consultancy applied for over a year since his last visit.

    It was a big surprise for Mr. Peter as seeing a considerable development of Expertrans Global in all aspect of scale, human resources, management, operations, procedure… of over a year. Expertrans has moved its office from Contresxim Building, Thanh Xuan District, to the current larger office at center of Hanoi, the GP-Invest Building, with modern and professional facilities. It also was a big movement as total employees increased to 50 at the time being with deeply specialized departments. Moreover, Expertrans has already integrated the ISO standards system into all of its processes, departments and procedures. Currently, Expertrans is enjoying its 40% increase in total revenues after being consulted by Mr. Perter.

    After the first visit in 2010, Mr. Peter has suggested many useful and sound strategies based on real condition and knowledge of Expertrans for the target of being the leader in Vietnamese Market, reaching global market and getting in the top 50 LSPs in over the world in 2018.

    In this visit, Mr. Peter has seen a huge step up of Expertrans Global in the 1st stage of its 5-year plan. Along with the hope of reaching its target in 2018, Mr. Peter also suggested that the development of Expertrans Global is certainly the biggest thing to be proud of.