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English translation ( English Translation ) Facts

English is about 375 billion people first language. Of course, many people like a second language to use and understand English.

In more than 75 countries, English has official or special status.

About 80 percent of the world's electronically stored information and practical English.

Two-thirds of the world's scientists read English books and publishing.

Some of the features of English

  • English variants:

Because of its historical significance and the use of English as the main language of the region more (such as American English, British English, Australian English, etc.), the variety of social and education is one of many, but not so strong understanding encounter endangered.

  • Formal / informal syntax:

Respect and courtesy are through choice of words to express it, rather than by a formal or informal grammar concepts.

  • Grammatical gender:

English grammar is not the gender of the noun assigned to it.

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