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Vietnam, as the Vietnamese is the official language throughout the country. It is history as long as its national history. Vietnamese history and other relevant national contact, such as France, Russia, Britain and Khmer, etc., and these relationships are shown in the language. Some words of Vietnamese origin in other languages, such as, "thien tai" meaning "natural disaster" from China's "act of God", "pho mai" means "cheese" originated in French "fromage". There are dozens of different ethnic dialects mountain, it can be labeled as the main three: north, central and southern areas of classification dialect. Their pronunciation and accent similar, but there are so locals sometimes do not understand the dialect vocabulary.

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During the Chinese domination, from the beginning of the first century, eighty percent of the affected Chinese and Vietnamese, and then, in the eighteenth to the twentieth century, Vietnamese dictionary gradually accepted some French vocabulary. Previously, Vietnam has been using Chinese characters in most official documents until the fourteenth century, "chu nom" was created, and then in the seventeenth century, created by a French missionary, Roman characters are called "Mandarin word" appear.

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