Court interpretation

Most of the legal proceedings in Singapore are conducted in their own language or in English. Under the current law, if a court determines that a person has limit in English, that person will have the right to require a qualified interpreter in any type of case. As in the court, people often use specialized and legal terminology, formal and informal registers, dialect and jargon, varieties in language and nuances of meaning, therefore,  more and more people are looking for the court interpretation service

Recognizing the high demand for court interpretation service, Expertrans Global, with over 12 years of experience, takes pride in providing qualified interpreters. Applying ISO 9001:2015, Expertrans Global selects sworn interpreters who are impartial, unbiased and have the ability to render a complete and accurate interpretation of the proceedings. As we know that communication in courtroom proceedings may be more complex than in other settings or in everyday life, Expertrans Global provides sworn interpreters those not only have knowledge, skills and abilities but also have experiences particularly in this field.

An example for our court interpretation service, Expertrans Global has provided 2 sworn interpreter service for Gide – one of the leading international law firms with 14 offices worldwide. This project lasted for 2 weeks. The client has given us good feedbacks. At Expertrans Global, we always give priority in maintaining the relationship with our clients. 

Why choosing Expertrans?

  • More choices: We provide language service solutions, namely translation, interpretation, voice-over, global business support. Therefore, we believe that most of your needs will be met.
  • More guarantees: We are trusted by partners for accuracy, speed and reliable service.
  • Less risks: Our trusted translation service can help your company avoid potential risks from mistranslation of important documents.

Only a leading translation company like ExperTrans Global can handle your project perfectly. Entrust your court interpretation to Expertrans Global and you will have the opportunity to experience a level of customer support that can not be offered by other translation companies.