Education & training translation service

At Expertrans Global, we believe that translators make a great contribution to humanity development. As you know, education doesn’t just come in one language. This is the reason why we need translators to make sure that people across the world are educated.

What if we don’t have specialists in education and training translation?

  • Failure to educate: If education and training materials are poorly translated, the text could be misunderstood and nonsensical.
  • Ineffective testing: Tests are used to evaluate people’s knowledge and anyone deserves a fair test. If questions are correctly translated, the answers could be confusing and make no sense.
  • Inefficient training: At workplace, training staff is very important to reduce weaknesses and improve employee performance. If training materials are not accurate, employees can have a poor professional knowledge and skills.

Why choose Expertrans Global translation service?

  • The highest levels of accuracy
  • A wide network of native-speaking translators in education and training
  • A strategic partners of many education and training institutions such as British Vietnamese International School, Language Link, Nanyang Technological University (Singapore), etc.
  • Translation for diverse materials: books, training materials ,training/tutorial video, brochure, e-learning website, research/study program, etc.
  • ISO certified standard
  • Not simply translation, but localization and other services such as interpretation, voice-over, dubbing, etc.
  • Complete confidentiality
  • 24/7 customer support

Our clients include:

  • Vietnamese universities and high schools
  • Foreign universities
  • International education publishers
  • Education tool/equipment manufacturers
  • E-learning website owners

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