In current international markets, notably in Asia Pacific region with a number of promising investing destinations such as Korea, Singapore, Japan, China, Malaysia, Thailand, there is an increasing demand of globalization solution services. The success of international trade has further stimulated more business owners to expand their markets in foreign countries. Some of the industries are highly competitive; so it certainly makes sense to hit as many potential markets as possible.

ExperTrans Global – The Great Globalization Solution Service Provider

ExperTrans Globalization Solution Services’ include

  • Language Service
  • Staffing Service
  • Business Process Outsourcing Services (BPO Services)

Once globalization has reached every corner of the world, your company might look for a method of subcontracting various business-related operations to a third party. ExperTrans Global Company was born to meet this need. With headquarters in Asia Pacific, ExperTrans Global’ mission is becoming the strategic partner of enterprises with efficient & effective outsourcing services to assist clients focus on core competences and optimize business. Beside it, ExperTrans always make unceasing endeavor to foster an ideal environment for our staffs and shareholders to make ExperTrans Global become their second home.  


Services List

  • English to Japanese kanji translation service

    If you are looking for English to Japanese kanji translation service, it is much better for you to choose Expertrans Global for our exceptional Japanese translation services. Our company is one of the outstanding translation agencies in terms of Asian languages, including The Japanese language.


    The Japanese language ranks the 3rd in the world for the most difficult language for foreign language learners, especially kanji. The language totally differs to other languages that have the same Latin root, for example, English language. Therefore, English to Japanese kanji translation service requires professional as well as experienced translators and interpreters to carry out and ensure the quality of the translations. At Expertrans Global, we have about 50 translators and up to 3000 temporary members worldwide to do translation services in more than 50 different languages and Japanese translation service is our prioritizing area.

    english to japanese kanji translation

    Japanese translation of Expertrans Global is committed with the highest quality but still on time and on the budget. Regarding the quality of English to Japanese kanji translation service, excellent translators of our company will provide you with the world-standard translations, thus, you do not need to be worried about the quality of your translations. All translators and interpreters who work with us are highly skilled and experienced ones. They have a long time working in The Japanese language; hence, they fully understand that language in both written and spoken forms.

    Every translator of Expertrans Global is specially trained to meet the demand of translation service market in Asia. In addition, they are equipped with state-of-the-art technologies and devices to help them handle challenging requests and requirements from the customers.

    Furthermore, they still have to access to new knowledge as well as update information to broaden their minds and this also will have many benefits when they do translate.

    We provide English to Japanese kanji translation services for the following:

        Document Translation

        Simultaneous Interpretation

        Linguistic Validation

        Consecutive Interpretation


        Typesetting and Graphics

        Voiceovers and Subtitling

        Staffing Solutions

        Multicultural Marketing

        Document Management


    For all types of Japanese translation services Expertrans Global covers, you will get the best service of our company. Moreover, our company is a certified language translation service provider which has ISOC9001: 2008 certificate for translation quality service.


    engslish to japanese translation service


    In regard the cost of our service, at Expertrans Global, our company offers high-quality service at a very reasonable price that will be suitable to all customers. All the fees are clear and no hidden one is included. If you have any question about our service, we will answer immediately. Japanese translation price is based on the number of pages, what types of documents are, etc.


    In terms of translation time, all translations at Expertrans Global have tight deadlines to make at they will be delivered to customers on time. Before being sent to customers, translations are rechecked by the manager of that project; as a result, Expertrans Global can guarantee the quality of translations that we give to our customers. Our company can ensure that you will have your translation translated within your timeframe and budget.


    In conclusion, Expertrans Global is a reliable and trusted language translation service provider in Asia with up to 50 different languages, especially in English to Japanese kanji translation service. Our company will bring to you translations that meet the world standards for quality and accuracy. At Expertrans Global, you will have the best Japanese translation services that fulfill all your needs as well as requirements for a translation. Additionally, our services cover all industries you require so you will have more offers when to choose to use our services. To have more information about Japanese translation services from Expertrans Global, you can contact us or leave a message and we will reply you as soon as possible.