Nghề Nghiệp

Nghề nghiệp

  • Sales Executive


    •     Make cold calls to get contacts from other language service providers (LSPs);

    •     Actively seeking, exploring and developing relationships with domestic and foreign customers and potential partners, through online and offline channels (Email, Linkedin, Facebook, Cold Call, Event ....), with customers who are in need of Outsourcing language services;

    •     Review customer requirements, consult, introduce services to customers on the basis of capacity to respond of the Company: standard solutions as well as special solutions, price, type of service;

    •     Learning customers’ demand, supporting and consulting them about products and services, doing contract negotiations, coordinating with project management department to handle the projects at the request of customers Manage, update customer profiles of company;

    •     Prepare periodic reports (revenue, number of customers, liabilities and so on).



    • At least 1 year experiences for sales, candidate had worked with Companies about Manufacturing, website, localization, insurance, finance, tourism or Translation;
    • Preferably 1-2 years experienced candidate working at translation agency;
    • Always innovate, creating innovative, creating a network with foreign partners;
    • Good social networking skills and computer;
    • Good negotiation skills and good communication;
    • English/Chinese/Japanese/Korean… proficiency equivalent to 4 skills.


    Please send the resume to email:

    For more detail, please contact: Ms.Thuy: 024 7303 8899, Ext: 222



  • Sales Manager

    Trở thành người lãnh đạo đội quân Sales của Expertrans với vị trí Sales Manager. 
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  • Sales Team Leader

    Lãnh đạo đội quân Sales tài năng với vị trí Sales Team Leader. 
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  • QC Manager

    Expertrans đang tìm ứng viên thích hợp cho vị trí Quality Control Manager. 
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  • Project Coordinator

    Expertrans đang tìm ứng viên cho vị trí Project Coordinator.
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