About Us

Global Brands

ExperTrans Global is a global corporation which provides globalization solution services to enterprises/organizations in different industries. Please check out the following brands to find more about our company’s structure.

ExperTrans Global Company is a globalization solution service provider. We focus on providing language service, staffing service and business process outsourcing services. ExperTrans Global runs prestigious offices in over 5 countries including Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, UK and US.


1. ExperTrans BPO:

ExperTrans Global’ Business Process Outsourcing services include Legal, Language, Finance, Staffing, B2B connect, IT, etc… By using our BPO services, the clients can increase their speed of several business processes, save their money and time to focus on their core competences and optimize their business. 


2. ExperTrans Manufacturing:

As more and more manufacturing companies are expanding into the new market, the demand for professional, accurate manufacturing translation services is also increasing. ExperTrans Manufacturing is proud to help those companies to meet their multicultural communication needs by providing them wide range of manufacturing translation and interpretation services.


3. ExperTrans Media:

ExperTrans Media’ language service was established with the aim of focusing particularly on Media Industry. After serving several big clients, ExperTrans Media’ first priority is maintaining relationship with the clients and remaining the trustworthy in their mind. Whatever our clients need, ExperTrans Media can serve it all!


4. ExperTrans Travel and Hospitality:

As the rise in demand on global tourism industry, clients are more motivated to choose service providers that supplying them in their own languages. At ExperTrans Travel and Hospitality, we can fully meet the specific requirements of the agents in this industry. By combining modern technology as well as experienced linguists, ExperTrans Travel and Hospitality will enable the clients to adapt their business and communication models to suit any international customer base.


5. ExperTrans Game localization:

Most of the game players prefer to play game in their native language so if you are the game provider, you can’t skip the game localization service. It is the process of adapting your game’s assets to make the game more suitable in your target market. Instead of being stuck in the hassles from language barriers, ExperTrans Game Localization will make your games more fantasy by getting them localized in over 100 languages.


6. ExperTrans IT/ICT:

In globalization process, IT & ICT industry becomes more and more important for every company. The larger and further reaching the company, the more necessary upon IT and ICT system it is so that IT & ICT translation becomes necessary more than ever. Understanding that need, ExperTrans Global provides the language service specializing in this industry. ExperTrans Global ensures that your products will touch your target customers by speaking their own language


7. ExperTrans Life Sciences:

Companies in the life sciences industry have to face many challenges when entering global markets such as the need for highly accurate translations, shortening product lifecycles, driving down costs, and improving service provider and patient interactions. At ExperTrans Life Sciences, your worry no more exists, we are proud to be the bridge in order to help you reach your globalgoals. 


8. ExperTrans Interpreting

ExperTrans Interpreting is a global brand of Expertrans Global specialized in interpreting services. ExperTrans Interpreting is our profile directory of thousands freelancers and experts who have worked as interpreters across the globe. Applicants who want to promote their careers or join our network can upload their CVs here.

For more information, please see: http://www.expertrans.com


9. ExperTrans Staffing

Due to the fast pace of globalization, the need of recruiting employees also increases rapidly. ExperTrans Staffing provides our clients qualified candidates to supply their human resources whether their requirements are for full-time, part-time, seasonal, short-term project or contract engagements.


10. ExperTrans LSP:

When you expanding your business into global market, it’s a smart choice to go with the global leader. With more than 12 years of experience, ExperTrans LSP is proud to be one of the leading language service providers. We are here to support and help our clients reaching and engaging with their customers.  


11. ExperTrans Education and training:

Education and Training is one of the most tremendously important and sensitive industry to work in as it requires wide knowledge as well as the experience. Therefore translating in the education industry is also a work that requires detailed information to match the original intentions. At ExperTrans Education and Training, we have 12 years working in this industry. Our efficiency industry has been ensure by many successful translated projects.