Non-Profits and Associations


ExperTrans alleviates the daily struggle of non-profit organizations to meet their ever increasing budgetary demands through special fee structure in conjunction with our program.

ExperTrans commits to assisting non-profit organizations to continue their vital works. Non-profit organizations and associations such as educational institutions, hospitals, private foundations, and publicly-supported charities may have quality translations at a minimal cost. We have been impressed by the generosity of these emerging communities, a direct result of the improved communication ability of the non-profit organization.

ExperTrans’ special fee structure for non-profit organizations encompasses a wide range of document translations including:

•           Instruction manuals

•           Brochures

•           Information pamphlets

•           Web sites

•           Organizational descriptions

•           Mailings

•           Annual reports

•           Newsletters

How to work with us:

1. Click to get a Free Instant Quote for your translation request or send any enquiries to our email

2. Our customer representative will contact you shortly within 1 hours and advise you the quotation and estimated timeline for your project.

3. One of our dedicated project managers starts your translation project after receiving your purchase order/contract confirmation or advance payment when necessary.

4. We will deliver the final translation to you by the promised deadline and make any revisions upon your requirements after the delivery.

5. You make the payment to us via PayPal, MoneyBookers or Bank Transfer within the agreed timeframe.


English – Asian languages translation services and Simultaneous interpretation services

Along with the spanning of globalization trend, the demand of translation services is rising. Many translation service providers have been established and they have a lot of potential to develop. However, in some cases, the capacity of a language service company is not enough to meet the needs of customers, especially regional and local clients. They can face with many difficulties such as finding local linguists, cost of interaction, cultural barriers… Therefore, cooperation with other translation providers to remove the challenges is a smart strategy and the best solution.   

Expertrans Global is one of the most professional language providers in Asia. We have cooperated with various LSPs such as LionBridge, Transperfect, SDL, Euroscript International S.A., and Honyaku. Expertrans Global guarantees that all documents always meet the deadlines with the highest accuracy in order to ensure the most rapid time-to-market for your clients’ products. 

Our strengths are English – Asian languages translation and Simultaneous interpretation services. Being located in Asia, we understand the culture, the custom of clients as well as accumulate the experiences in seeking the high-skilled translators and interpreters. We confidently convert documents in more than 10 fields (Finance, Manufacturing, Life Sciences, Education and Training, Hospitality, etc.) in English – Asian languages pairs at highest accuracy. Besides, Expertrans Global also has valuable experiences in simultaneous interpretation in the conferences, meetings, seminars which are taken place in Asian region, especially Singapore and Vietnam. Our excellent simultaneous interpreters usually work in pairs and use the latest technology to provide accurate translations and perfect services. Not only are they professional linguists but they also have soft skills that can solve unexpected problems. Moreover, the staff in the Project Management and Quality Control teams always follow and support the clients during the translation process in order to bring the highest satisfaction for the customers. Being enthusiastic and professtional, Expertrans Global has become one of strategic partners of many large LSP in the world. 

Your benefits when using our services:

  • More choices: We provide language service solutions, namely translation, interpretation, voice-over, and global business support in over 50 language pairs. Therefore, we believe that the majority of your needs will be met to your satisfaction.
  • More guarantees: Following ISO 9001:2015 standards with a strong network of 130 in-house staffs and more than 3,000 professional collaborators worldwide, we are trusted by our partners for accuracy, speed and reliability.
  • Less risks: Our trusted localization services can help your company avoid potential risks of mistranslation of legal documents, financial reports, or communications that eventually result in negative effects on your company’s bottom line..

When your business or organization needs English – Asian language translation services, simultaneous interpretation, or any language services, do not hesitate to give our professional staff a phone call, and we will swiftly provide you with a team of specialized equipment and services.

Contact Expertrans Global NOW and enjoy the best quality language services!