Expertrans Global offers a full service of market research solutions to help businesses and organizations to stay ahead of competition in today’s fast paced business world. We not only provide quantitative or qualitative researches, but also our business experience that we combine with research insights to deliver the most practical solutions for our clients. At Expertrans Global, we ensure that our market research solutions are tailor-made to meet clients’ business objectives.

How we do it?

  • Define problem and research objectives based on critical analysis of the information input
  • Select proper methodologies within the client's time and budget constraints
  • Manage and execute the research program at the highest level of professional standards.
  • Present the finding and make actionable recommendations

Our market research service include:

  • Competitor Analysis: to help you have a realistic understanding of how your business is positioned and where your business is positioned in relation to other products or services in the mind of customers.
  • Image (Brand) Evaluation: to provide your business with direction for future brand management.
  • Customer Evaluation: to help you know anything you wish to know about your customers
  • Data Collection: to offer both quantitative (telephone surveys, web-based surveys, email surveys, etc.) and qualitative (focus groups, in-depth telephone interviews, in-depth face-to-face interviews, etc.)

Why choose Expertrans Global?

  • Our research team gets a stock of your company's global competitors
  • We have the tools to collect data from diverse sources to examine issues affecting your business so you can reduce costs, and create brand awareness in the correct sectors.
  • We can research information from various foreign sources because of our diverse foreign language capabilities
  • We ensure to provide the high-quality service because of our ISO certified quality-control system
  • We provide market research services with clients from a wide range of industries: food and beverage, tourism & hospitality, telecom & IT, automotive & transportation, chemicals & materials, etc.

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