Marketing is becoming an indispensable part of every enterprise. However, along with the development of Marketing is increasing the challenges related to cost saving, human resources. In one day, you realize that the marketing strategy is not effective, you don’t have the marketing skills and knowledge, you lack the budget to hire a complete marketing team or the Sales Department is complaining of “No Good Lead”, that is time to outsource marketing service.


In order to help the company focus on the core value, Expertrans Global provides the outsourcing marketing services including advertising, SEO, media services, etc. With more than 12 years of experience and applying the ISO 9001: 2015 certification, Expertrans Global is a strategic partner of many FDI enterprises in Vietnam as well as global corporations in Marketing field.


Outsourcing marketing services include:

  • Seeking the partners in order to co-operate and distribute products/ services of Vietnamese enterprises
  • Researching the customer’s demand and behavior in targeted market
  • Researching the competitors in the market
  • Conveying the impressive messages to clients  
  • Planning the marketing and distribution products/services strategy
  • Implementing the online & offline media programs, digital marketing, advertising, content marketing, events

Using our services, you will receive the benefits:

  • Saving cost and time: Outsourcing marketing services will help the business gain 15- 25% sales revenue, reduce 25-35% in salaries plus overhead costs, reduce 10-25% in overall marketing spending ( Besides that, the businesses only hire outsourcing company whenever and wherever they need resources, saving significant expenditures.
  • Focusing on the business core value: Thanks to outsourcing marketing team, the capital and employee will focus on what really matters with a business.
  • Accessing the latest marketing trend: Not only does outsourcing marketing company often update the advanced technology with modern tools, but the marketing expertise also spends most of their time learning new skills and improving existing techniques and strategies. Therefore, the business will keep up with the ever-changing and growing marketing arena.
  • Promoting the business brand: Investing in customized tools to address the pressure in delivering quality data, insights and recommendation, the outsourcing marketing company will make the business image greater in the market as well as effectively evoke the product’s brand in customers’ mind.


From these advantages, hiring Expertrans Global in Marketing sector is a smart strategy of organizations. With rich experiences and broad knowledge, Expertrans Global commits bringing the quality outsourcing marketing services to clients. Putting the satisfaction of customers in the first priority, all staff of Expertrans Global always make effort to meet the need of clients.


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