• Exhibition interpretation - Agrofood Trade Mission

    Agrofood Trade Mission, took place between 19 and 25 January 2015, was a big event of the food industry which was organized by EU – Vietnam Business Network with a financial support from European Union.  Being held in two major cities of Vietnam - Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, Agrofood Trade Mission offered 30 European leading brands of Gourmet & Fine Food, Food Products & Ingredients, Wine, Spirits & Beer, and Tableware & Accessories great opportunities for introducing their products

    Exhibition interpretation - Agrofood Trade Mission

    With a diverse range of activities spanning through 7 days, from product’s introduction at the stalls, luncheon – dinner to meetings between partners, interpretation was one of the key factors contributing to the overall success of the fair.

    After receiving the information and requirements of the project, in a short time, ExperTrans managed to select a large number of interpreters for multiple languages, ​​who also own extensive experience in the food sector as well as trade negotiations. All staff of the Expertrans project coordinator has been working hard to choose the most appropriate interpreters based on the specifications given by organizers.  Finally event ended with success. Organizers highly appreciated the contribution of Expertrans in providing high-quality interpretation service.