As can be seen, integration is a growing trend in the global economy. Vietnam is considered as one of the most attractive markets in the world, so many companies prefer to establish a foreign-owned capital company in Vietnam with saving cost and resources. However, some companies have many difficulties in legal registration and license. Understanding their challenges, Expertrans Global offers business registration service allowing us focus on core competencies and drive mission-critical business imperatives forward.


Benefits of our Registration and Licensing Outsourcing Services:

  • Reduce licensing and registration operational costs.
  • Increase operational flexibility and turnaround, at a variable cost, with no overhead.
  • Avoid being in trouble with the law in foreign countries.
  • Save time for investment



With over 12 years of development, Expertrans Global provides clients with experiment and professional standards. Our legal outsourcing services support your companies in Foreign Representative Office (RO) formation in Vietnam, Foreign Invested Partnership Enterprise (FIPE) Formation, Foreign Representative Office (RO), Joint Venture (JV) Formation,  Mergers & Acquisitions in Vietnam and Vietnam Company Formation.


Our Registration and Licensing Outsourcing Services provides:

  • Certificates of investment registration
  • Certificates of business registration
  • Making the seal, Registering for the seal
  • Publishing   company   information   on   the national   enterprise   registration information portal
  • License for import & export business
  • Certificate for Tax Code Registration
  • Bank account for tax payment & return


Why us?

Established in 2005, with experience working with many large cooperation in many projects over 12 years, we are so proud to be one of the leading BPO companies providing outsourcing of legal services. We ensure the quality of our service with  ISO 9001:2015 certified. In addition, Expertrans Global has 130 in-house staffs and more than 3000 freelancers all over the world. Therefore, we totally have the ability to help your company complete legal formalities better in Vietnam.


Expertrans Global guarantees to help the clients maintain the productivity and efficiency as well as solve the legal issues that our clients meet.

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