Due to the movement of the market, there is a huge impact on the competition among all the businesses in the world.  From small businesses to the big ones are all feeling perplexed in finding the best way to “row their own boat” in order to minimize the cost but still maintain the quality of their products or services. According to traditional business style, most companies often apply low-cost strategies but they spend too much time for enforcement activities every day while the “active businesses” are looking for Staffing Outsourcing Services in order to “remove the hitch” for this situation. Staffing Outsourcing Service is known as intermediaries in providing contract, temporary as well as permanent staff to clients with specific employment requirements. Seeking the experienced staffs that not only possess in-depth knowledge but also understand the enterprise culture is never easy.


With over 12 years of development, Expertrans is proud to be the leading company in Staffing Outsourcing field. By using Expertrans Global’ Staff Outsourcing services, our clients are allowed to match their staff needs to their business demands without the legal and monetary risks of employing full-time staff. We will help our clients focus on their core business as well as save time and cost. Our recruitment process is managed strictly, all the candidates will be tested in every aspect like their attitude, service mind and their competence to do the job in order to ensure those candidates being ready for the work’s challenges. We connect the qualified staffing specialists in a wide range of industries and positions with the companies and corporations. As Expertrans Global always makes effort to keep the professional standards, our candidates never stop updating and learning new skills as well as new technologies.

Our Staffing Outsourcing Services include:

HR consulting service:

  • People management
  • Management process
  • Compliance
  • Organization culture
  • Acquisition & Optimization


  • Temporary & contract staffing services
  • Permanent placement


By investing in our Staffing Outsourcing Services, Expertrans Global guarantees to help the clients maintain the productivity and efficiency as well as solve the workforce issues that our clients meet.


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