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ExperTrans help to boost your business with all types of translation including:

  • Bidding and Projects Translation
  • Economics and Financial Translation
  • Technical Translation
  • Political, Social and Cultural Translation
  • Medical Translation

Document Translation Services – Expertrans

1. Bidding and Projects Translation

In operation, many enterprises must prepare bidding documents in which their content and language aspects are attached with great significance. If accuracy of the bidding documents are not ensured during translation into foreign languages, their opportunities to win the bid will be minimized.

A decisive factor for bid award is contents of the bid. When such contents are approved, your opportunity to be a bid winner significantly depends on the accuracy of the translated bidding documents and appropriateness between the source language and the target language, etc so that the partners can understand contents of the bidding documents. This is surely to be confirmed by everyone!

The most important goal of language translation in the bidding documents is to thoroughly grasp the nature of translation. Being a professional translation company, ExperTrans will help you transform special fields in an accurate and proper manner, converting the language in your bidding documents into a sharp and accurate language, enhancing your chance to become a bid winner.

ExperTrans has successfully translated the bidding documents of various key clients in special fields such as construction, electronics, telecommunication, hydropower, and so forth. ExperTrans is proud to have been a strong contributor to the success of clients in the past few years.

Confidentiality of bidding documents is very important. It is also a significant factor helping your company to get ahead of other contractors and become a winner. ExperTrans is pledged to keep secret all translated documents and bidding documents in accordance with the Company’s confidentiality policy.

2. Economics and Financial Translation

Currently, our economic and financial documents are mainly the financial statements of various kinds, stock exchange reports, economic and investment bulletins.

We always introduce the standard financial statements of different kinds edited by native language experts in finance and accounting. Such financial statements will be referred to in the next translation.

Thanks to strong bonds with partners in the fields of financial investment and securities consultancy services, our special experience is further enhanced. We are committed to learning and updating information to better serve our customers.

3. Technical  Translation

Nowadays, science and technology are growing at an amazing speed. A question raised for the expansion of each agency, organization and individual in particular and the development of the entire society in general is how to catch up with such growth rate to operate and speed up the system smoothly and continuously. A possible answer is to wait in front, update the information and apply scientific and technological achievements into real life in a quick and effective manner. ExperTrans will be a pioneer in helping its clients make the most out of their technological investments.

In order to install, operate, activate or repair a device, a detailed and accurate description must be made. Can you imagine what significantly adverse impacts a disordered technical translation process would have if a piece were deviated?

With each technical document, our professional translators will overview entire source files and produce a glossary. This simple step is a guideline for the target file, making it easier for end-users to digest and use the material. With extensively experienced translators, effectively supported by specialized dictionaries and over 100 updated professional books, the technical documents will no longer be a great challenge to ExperTrans.

Generally, engineers have to spend more time comparing electrical circuits or processes when the translated version is different from the original with most user manuals being in hard copies. This is also a challenge for companies which are not specialized in image processing.

4. Political, Social and Cultural Translation

ExperTrans offers translation services for political, social and cultural documents to individuals and organizations with the highest quality and speed at the most affordable costs.

With support of translators who are well-educated and extensively experienced with B.As, M.As and PhDs, translation in cultural, social and educational fields, in fact, becomes our strength.

The social and cultural document translation requires translators to have wide knowledge and good command of languages. Totally aware of this, we set high recruitment requirements for social and cultural translators. Such translators must be careful, responsible, owning at least 3 years of experience in translation and well-educated in such fields.

Regardless of an article, an education project, a course book or a research to be translated, only the most knowledgeable and experienced translators and editors are assigned the task. Such task is also put under the supervision of a modern and professional workflow management process. Therefore, we strongly believe that you will be satisfied with ExperTrans’ service quality.

Thanks to that, we are currently a reliable partner of many governmental agencies, social and cultural organizations, domestic and international magazines and publishers.

If you wish to have an accurate, professional andproperly designed translation in terms of social and cultural aspects, we will be your best choice in current Vietnamese translation market.

5. Medical Translation

Medical translation is a highly specialized field that requires translators to be equipped with terms/jargons and profound knowledge about medicines.

Our medical translation team includes professors, doctors and physicians working at research institutes, and especially veterans who have retired and are still participating in studies.

How will your documents be processed? The hospital discharge, prescriptions, drug instructions, user manuals of plants and equipment, especially pharmaceutical processing procedures are processed accurately and responsibly. For a normal translator, this can be seen as a great challenge.

The following are some medical documents we have translated:

  • Endoscopy
  • Endocrinology
  • Cardiovascular Ward
  • Dental documents
  • Diagnosis, etc
  • Medicine instructions…

We understand that when translators process these documents, they are handling people’s lives. With a professional code of conduct, conscience and knowledge, we assure absolute accuracy.

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