Nghề Nghiệp

Nghề nghiệp

  • Project Coordinator


    -              Manage translation and localization projects from beginning to end.

    -              Developing project plans and workflows, managing time, budget, resources, and quality control.

    -              Proactively identify and solve problems.

    -              Manage projects to localize software, websites and documentation.

    -              Guide translation vendors and clients through the localization process.

    -              Regularly monitor clients' satisfaction and take improvement actions.

    -            Identify and document opportunities to improve processes and technologies.



    -              English language proficiency (4 skills: Listening, speaking, reading, writing)

    -              Have a business educational background. Graduates from Foreign Trade University, Hanoi University, National Economics University, Banking Academy or oversea universities are preferable.

    -              1-2 years working experience. Project management experience in translation/localization or related fields is surely a plus.

    -              Ability to work well either in a team or independently.

    -              Good communication, detail-oriented, organized, thorough, accurate, and able to work quickly and steadily in a focused manner.

    -              Strong analytical and decision-making skills.

    -              Ability to deal with frequent change, delays, interruptions, and unexpected events.

    -              Internet and computer proficiency.


    Please send the resume to email:

    For more detail, please contact: Ms.Thuy: 024 7303 8899, Ext: 222



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